Saturday, February 23, 2013

Support Your Local Musicians

Music is an outlet for us all

They say that the first forms of music were the birds singing and the winds whistling. Well, now we have instruments and men and women singing with their blood, sweat and tears. For you!  You can go on your back deck and enjoy natures sounds. I encourage you to do so. Relax and become one with nature but when you want to paint the town, go out and support your local musicians. No matter where in this big world you live, they are there. They are everywhere! And the sad thing is, so many talented people are hidden behind their mic stand in a chain restaurant or local watering hole. When a talented artist gets a following, they can move on to bigger and better venues and that means a larger paycheck, plus a much needed boost of self esteem.  You wouldn't believe how much or how very little these guys/gals make. I know this because I am a wife of a local musician. We are part of the luckier ones as I am able to stay at home with our daughter, but not for long. She starts kindergarten in August and it's Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to work I go. I do look forward to this because I want to contribute more to society and have another title besides mom and wife. So here's to me for going back to work! Wish me luck!!  I haven't had a job in 4 years. 

But, back to our topic. Music!! Music can make you smile, cry, sing along, get inspired, tap your foot or even ask a complete stranger to dance. Music can take silence and smash it with its thumb and forefinger and uplift your mundane day to a productive one or whatever it is that you're wanting your day to become.  Music is one thing that will ALWAYS be there for you.  I know I've needed it in hard times, as well as the best of times. My life is a sound track.  I can hear the song, Celebrate, and I'm all the sudden sitting in the backseat of my mothers VW Bug. I can even smell a certain smell. Can't describe it, but it's there. What I'm trying to say is if you look hard and long enough back, music was at one time there for you when you needed it most. 

So, let's vow to go out and give back to what music is capable of giving us. Check your local papers or Internet sites and search for a genre of music that suits you. I promise you won't regret it! And maybe, just maybe, it can rekindle some much needed sparks in your relationship. 

And remember, tip your musicians. They are there to entertain you! And if the atmosphere provides it, try and give them your attention and applause. There's nothing more that would make them happy. And maybe a good conversation when they're able to take a break. 

To check out and listen to my hubby go to 
I promise you'll love it!! 

Ryan Perry White 

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