Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greenville Family Partnership

Keeping Our Kids Off Drugs 

Greenville Family Partnership 
"We are building healthy drug free communities one person at a time through education and partnering with families and communities." 

Greenville Family Partnership is a non profit organization in Greenville, South Carolina. Established in 1984, some caring adults of our community got together and decided they wanted to get involved in doing whatever they could to keep our youth drug free. They must be doing something right because twenty something years later they are still going strong. They still ask that the community get involved and welcome volunteers of any age! 

One of the many things GFP does is supports our Red Ribbon Week in our schools where students take a pledge to stay dug free. The organization has fundraisers ( which in  2012 I got the privilege to attend and donate some thirty-one bags for a silent auction) and benefits to help raise money so they can continue to teach the next generation all the facts they need to know about tobacco, drugs and alcohol. They also hold parenting programs that help enhance the skills of parents, grandparents and other caring adults. Their goal is to arm these adults with the skills and knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, positive discipline, communication and anger management. One parent that attended this class had this to say, " This class was very informative.  The steps and procedures parents should take to handle teens are acurate.  Like the "deflectors" or specific words parents can use to deflate an argument before it can even get started.  I used them with my child and they actually worked! Sometimes parents think they know everything about being a parent but this class proves we don't and I think every parent should put their pride aside and admit these classes help." 

Other classes they hold include 
The Parent Connection- how to answer tough questions
Preparing for the Teen Years- how to meet future challenges
Parent to Parent- learn skills that will help your kids through the teen years without significant alcohol, tobacco or other drug use
Raising Children in Troubled Times- how to overcome obstacles to raising kids and setting and enforcing rules of discipline 
Building Family Strengths- how to guide your child in making good choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs 
For information about classes contact Lynn Hooper or Terry Taylor at 864-467-4099 

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