Saturday, February 23, 2013

Southern Living Magazine asks is Greenville, SC the tastiest town in the US

Greenville, SC up for an award in Southern Living Magazine for tastiest town in the US

If you have been to Greenville you know that our main street is mostly restaurants and bars. We have some of the best restaurants/bars out there, in my opinion. You can choose fine dining one night and a chain restaurant the next. You name it, we have it!  We are a tasty town.  And the atmosphere is to die for. I' m very proud of my city!! But my question is, why would Greenville let one of the most talented young chefs out there go?
Stephen Devereaux Green is culinary's future. Stephen now owns a restaurant in Raleigh, NC, but he started his career right here in the upstate. His first restaurant, Devereaux's, is still located on East Court Street downtown but without him as executive chef. It was his vision and recipes that forged its way with some steep competition, I might add. Now, he is no longer there to welcome guests that mostly came in for his dishes (made by his hands) and southern hospitality. 

George Clooney was a frequent guest at Devereaux's while he was living here shooting a film. So was Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski.  My husband and I went there every chance we could, especially special occasions. The night Tim proposed to me, we went to celebrate there and Stephen went out of his way to make our night even more special.  Thank you, Stephen! We will not forget that night! Even after all the champagne. ;)

Rumor has it that Stephen asked for a much deserved and meager raise and was told by investors that if he thought he could get that much somewhere else, they wished him luck.  Well, I'm happy to report, he got it!! But Greenville lost a 5 star restaurant because of greedy investors. I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason and I hope Stephen found that reason.  

He deserves a HUGE shout out as he was a front runner in bringing fine dinning to Greenville, SC. So, if you're ever in Raleigh and would like to taste a little slice of heaven, stop by my friend, Stephen's, restaurant AC Cuisines and tell him I sent you!! 

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Ryan Perry White 

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